It’s the climb.

Yes, I am quoting a Miley Cyrus classic. After one of the most emotional years of my life, I decided to reflect on it by climbing Cowles Mountain with my friend. Though a beginners hike, it is challenging but it is accompanied by incredible views and a satisfactory feeling at the top. So I pushed, and climbed, and stepped, on every crumbling rock on the way to the top. Yes, I wanted to stop.

No, I didn’t.

It’s a beautiful thing to know and realize and utilize the fact that we have control over our bodies when we put our mind to it. I learned a lot about myself this year. I learned I have the ability to be genuinely happy. I learned that I need some extra motivation here and there to get that final push to where I want to go. I learned my biggest flaw- I give people too many chances. And I learned that I am strong. My mind, my soul, and my legs, apparently. Life’s a beauty at the top.


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