A Step in the Right Direction: Away From Archbishop Cordileone

Abi Basch, a former teacher at my alma mater, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco, announced her resignation. For more detailed information on the cause, read this article.

I never had the chance to be a student of Ms. Basch’s, but she accompanied me on my school trip to Washington D.C. my senior year. Although we didn’t create a significant bond over those 6 days, I could tell she was an intelligent, strong, and passionate leader. Her choice to resign in the face of discrimination in our community is commendable. Yes, I went to a Catholic high school. But what made my high school so great was how inclusive it was. The student body was so diverse; students of different races and sexualities and religious affiliations. And so was our faculty. Archbishop Cordileone has been the center of much controversy over his proposal that teachers working for the archdiocese would be referred to as “ministers” and held to strict moral standards in their personal lives that would abide by the church’s rules. Ms. Basch, among others won’t stand for that. And it is not because they are all against the church, or have no morals, or are all sinners.

I am proud to see people in my high school community making a stand against such absurd proposals. Discrimination and exclusivity do not belong in the hallways of Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep or any other Catholic high in San Francisco, and beyond. We accept and love all. Best of luck to Ms. Basch on her future endeavors.

Kassandra Ferrante // Class of 2013

Update (August 12, 2015): It has come to my attention that this post and my message was not clear. I LOVE the community I was raised in. I’ve been a student to Catholic education in San Francisco for 14 years. I was born and raised Catholic. And though my relationship with the church isn’t “perfect” by biblical standards, I am proud to have come from such an inclusive and loving community. I happen to disagree with the moral code that Archbishop Cordileone has suggested, but by no means am I putting down the Catholic Church for its teaching. I think there is work that needs to be done to progress with the world, but I understand and respect the teachings of the church. I know that I, nor anyone can change them. This was solely an opinion piece about how strongly I feel towards this proposal, and I am not alone. Follow the movement. #TeachAcceptance


Why I don’t think Tomi Lahren’s “rant” is EPIC.

This video has been circulating the web since it aired Saturday on Tomi Lahren’s On Point with Tomi Lahren on One America News Network (OANN). I’ve seen more than a couple people share the video on social media, praising her for her words. The “rant”, which blasts the Obama administration for not recognizing the shooting in Chattanooga as an act of terror due to Radical Islam, is two minutes of unprofessional and overly subjective journalism. One of my close peers shared the video on Facebook today, praising her for speaking “truth”. She’s speaking her opinion, actually. Which is okay, but let’s have some professionalism and respect for the field, shall we?

As a journalism student, I strive to challenge most journalists I watch or read or listen to. “How could that segment have been better? Should she have said that? Could he have said that differently? Did they cover both sides? Did they respect both sides?”

“Do I care that his high school friends wouldn’t classify him as “overly religious”? No I don’t give a flying you know what about any of that…….I care that this SOB killed four of our United States Marines.”  – Tomi Lahren

No professional or respected news outlet or organization would allow their anchors to speak this way. No professional journalist would choose to come across this way. My opinion on Lahren’s rant has nothing to do with my personal opinion on the subject at hand. In fact, I agree that there should be a new, tougher strategy on targeting domestic terrorism and its link with radical Islam, because as Lahren says, what we are doing right now isn’t working and it is a huge threat to our country. I also happen to care a lot that such an evil person took the lives of four United States Marines and one United States Sailor. Five men were killed. Five men who were spending their lives defending this country. So yes, Tomi, I may have a different political ideology than you, but I also care.  My problem lies with the unprofessionalism she exudes. Lahren spends a decent amount of time talking about her personal connections to United States Marines and Navy Seals, including someone she knows currently deployed to the Middle East, as if no supporter of Obama could possibly have those connections or feel such a loss.

I too, know United States Marines. I too, know Navy Seals. I too, have had people close to me be deployed to the Middle East. Conservative or liberal, Christian or Muslim, black or white, we as Americans can all feel this as a loss. It is devastating. It is heartbreaking.

How about Lahren spends less time talking about how upset she is, and more about what she thinks could be done by administration to avoid this. Give me your ideas, Tomi. What do you think will work better? I’d love to hear it.

Tomi Lahren, have some respect for people, for our country’s administration, and for yourself. In an era where most people don’t take the news seriously to begin with, we don’t need journalists- let alone female journalists- like you, presenting people with biased, subjective, and unprofessional journalism. I am a journalism student because I don’t want people like you representing our generation of journalists. We have a chance to change the media for the better. It starts with us.

Let’s all smile. It’s gonna be alright.

I am so grateful for everyone in my life. The past few weeks have been stressful to say the least, but I am so blessed for the outcome. There are always people around you willing to help. Let them in with open arms. It’s hard to accept help from the people in your life but it reminds me that I have so much to work for in the future. I will be something. And I will make it all worth it.

Smile. xoxo

A Letter to Someone

Dear someone,

I know there is not much you can do. I don’t even know how to explain, or what to ask. I just need your help. My family needs your help. One bad thing after another, one piece of bad news after the next, one more envelope at our front door with one more notice that something is wrong. Fix it. Give me a sign that something good will come from all of this. Dear someone, give me something. Give me a reason. Give me an answer.



My Outside Lands Lineup

We’re three weeks out, people! The official lineup with times & stages hasn’t been released yet, but these are my must-see bands/artists at Outside Lands this year! (I want to see many, but this list has my top picks!)

Friday, August 7th
Mumford & Sons
Porter Robinson
RL Grime
George Ezra
Glass Animals

Saturday, August 8th
Kendrick Lamar
Tame Impala
Milky Chance
Cold War Kids
Mac Demarco
Devon Baldwin

Sunday, August 9th
Sam Smith
Axwell & Ingrosso
Hot Chip
Nate Ruess
DJ Mustard
James Bay