Pay It Forward


I’ve heard of people “paying it forward” at coffee shops, drive-thrus, and even toll-plazas. Sometimes these chains run hundreds of people long. The person in front of you pays for your drink, so you pay for the person behind you in line, and so on. I’ve thought about and wondered if I’d ever be a part of one of these chains. I’ve thought about paying it forward as a random act of kindness, but then seem to never go through with it. Such a simple, generous, and kind gesture. But nope, never thought to be apart of it.

Today I was standing in line at a Starbucks on Market St. deciding on what caffeinated beverage I wanted to down on this Friday morning. I’m awaiting the woman in front of me to pay, when I see her turn to me and say, “..and actually I’m going to cover this young lady’s drink as well.” I was so genuinely surprised. I quickly responded with a sincere, “Oh my god, are you serious?” She kindly paid for my order, and I stood by the barista waiting to pay for the next customer’s order. When the next woman ordering understood what I was doing, the look on her face was priceless. She was so happy.

The woman who had paid for my drink thanked me as I grabbed my coffee. “Thank you for continuing it, have a great day.” I’m not sure if the woman behind me continued the chain, but those few minutes made my day.

Something as simple as paying it forward reminded me that there are little things in this life that are truly amazing. Coffee being one of them. Make someone’s day. Be the start of a chain.Β 


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