The journey is just beginning..


Before, sometime in March; after, this week. It may not be the greatest body transformation of all time, but it’s progress, and it’s significant to me. This year has been wild. I was the happiest I had ever been, got heartbroken, went from happy to sad, confused each day how to feel. But I woke up one day during my spring semester and realized all that I had. My friends, who stood up for me through everything; my family, who was always just a phone call away; and my health, something I had to improve. I had to change and be better for me (and your own improvement is the greatest form of revenge). I hope that by me posting this picture, that in all sincerity it is not taken as a plea for attention or to show off my body in a suggestive way. Rather by posting this, I hope people understand it hasn’t been easy and the decision to make a photo like this public was incredibly difficult for me. The journey towards health is constant. It is not over.

Unfortunately as of late, my workout regime has been nonexistent. Coming home for about a month before leaving for Rome left me with no gym membership, surrounding myself with people who’d rather eat than run. That has been difficult and that is my climb right now. But since I haven’t been able to hit the gym everyday, I’ve been watching what I eat, making portions smaller and cutting out all dairy, bread, and junk food. That alone has helped me not fall back into a bad place with my body.

I am not a health and fitness blogger. I am not a “fit girl” on instagram. I am me and this is my progress. I am proud and I am motivated.

And I am happy.


2 thoughts on “The journey is just beginning..

  1. aanthony01 says:

    Wow! That’s really an amazing transformation – and the fact that you are happy and proud of your accomplishment makes it all the better. Congrats! Hopefully I’ll be able to make a decent transformation too. Thanks for sharing!

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