Explore life.

My cousin Gabriella is heading off to grad school at Pepperdine in a few days, so she came into the city to spend the afternoon together. We decided to walk down to the Exploratorium and spend the afternoon as kid versions of ourselves. We haven’t been to the new location since in opened, so why the hell not.

There was a “love” exhibit at the Exploratorium. It questioned what love was, how it came about, what love means to different people and different cultures, and explored what people believed loved was. We had the chance to create our own “Six Word Love Story” and mine is below.

IMG_1700“he bought me food, so duh.” My six word love story. No, I’m not actually in love. I’m very single, but if I were to be in love, it would probably be something like the statement above.

We explored the whole damn place, but we found this huge mirror that made everything look upside down in its reflection. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Just hanging out below.

IMG_1705Exploring things is cool. Go do it.


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