Vanity Fair September 2015: Tinder and Hookup Culture

My friend Mary sent me the link to a new Vanity Fair article, featured in the September 2015 issue entitled Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”The article is an impressive and in-depth look at how dating apps like Tinder are changing the dating game- or killing it, rather. We live in a new era of casual sex and random hookups; no more feelings, no more relationships, no more dating.

As someone who has used Tinder and seen all of its capabilities (so to speak), I find this article to be incredibly accurate and relatable to any user. Most of the piece seems to blame the male species, most of whom are now “fuckboys” (the article’s words, not mine), for ruining the dating world. But let’s be real: women are equally to blame. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think women have the right to do what they’d like with their bodies, and us ladies need satisfying too (because any girl who says they don’t love sex is lying). But no one can win. I personally think men have the upper hand and have more control in the world of online “dating” and hook-ups. They usually determine if you’ll never speak again after that night, or if maybe there is potential for something more. Most women just wait and see, despite if they say they “just want a hookup too”. It’s the world we now live in and have in a way created for ourselves.

I highly recommend this read!

*The photo used for this post is the photo featured on the Vanity Fair website in the link shared above. I do not own this photo.


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