Update: A Step in the Right Direction: Away From Archbishop Cordileone

Here is a link to my original post from July 28th, 2015:


Update (August 12, 2015): It has come to my attention that this post and my message was not clear. I LOVE the community I was raised in. I’ve been a student to Catholic education in San Francisco for 14 years. I was born and raised Catholic. And though my relationship with the church isn’t “perfect” by biblical standards, I am proud to have come from such an inclusive and loving community. I happen to disagree with the moral code that Archbishop Cordileone has suggested, but by no means am I putting down the Catholic Church for its teaching. I think there is work that needs to be done to progress with the world, but I understand and respect the teachings of the church. I know that I, nor anyone can change them. This was solely an opinion piece about how strongly I feel towards this proposal, and I am not alone. Follow the movement. #TeachAcceptance


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