Guten Tag, München!

I did it! I’m back from Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany! This was my number one stop while going abroad and I had such an amazing weekend, made many new friends, and created memories I will never forget. Oktoberfest is a lot more than just a beer festival; it’s a meeting place for people around the world, and the biggest party of all time. All are welcome to Oktoberfest under the one condition that you want to have a great time with great people. Prost! 

Munich is a beautiful city. This was the first time I’ve been to a country in Europe besides Italy, and it was my first taste of culture shock. I headed to breakfast right after Maria & I landed, and were handed a menu fully in German. It’s a scary feeling to not know anything about the place you’re in, especially the language, but it made me appreciate the value in traveling and being a tourist. Everyone in Germany was so helpful and recommended great choices and options considering we had absolutely no idea. The best part? I had the greatest breakfast ever. With a beer, of course.

The food is definitely one of my favorite parts of Germany. I’ve never had so much sausage and pretzels in 48 hours but I have no regrets. Later that night, we made our way to a local beer hall where once again we were challenged with an all German menu. Luckily, 3 older German men were sitting next to our group and realized our struggle, recommending certain beers and pointing out good choices on the menu. Once again, a lot of sausage and pretzels.  IMG_3421

But after exploring some of Munich, buying my dirndl (my favorite thing ever), and having a couple amazing meals, we headed back to the hostel to try and get a decent amount of sleep before the real festivities.

Opening day at Oktoberfest was so much fun. Thousands and thousands of people were making their way into the tents to grab a table. We had to wait a few hours for the first keg to be tapped at noon, but once that happened, it was a party. Here are some pictures of my adventure at Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest 2015, you were all I could have asked for. I will be back for you someday, München. Until next time.. PROST!

Happy Oktoberfest everyone!
Happy Oktoberfest everyone!

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