Living in the Lizzie McGuire Movie

Remember when Paolo takes Lizzie on that romantic date through Rome, and they frolic through gardens of fountains and all you ever dreamed of was to be her someday? Well my 9 year old self lived out her dream today. I went on an adventure to Tivoli at Villa D’Este, and although my friend and I managed to get on the wrong train, miss two more trains after that, and get lost in Tivoli making what should have been a 45 minute journey into a 4 hour one, I was not disappointed. Tivoli is gorgeous. 


Remember these fountains from the movie? Goodbye Lizzie McGuire, Hello Fabulous.

Also I finally had Cacio e Pepe pasta for dinner tonight. It’s an incredible simple dish, with pecorino cheese and pepper. It’s a staple of Rome and it was one of the greatest things I’ve put into my mouth since I’ve been here. In the words of Kate Sanders “I’d eat carbs if an Italian boy bought them for me!” (No Italian boy bought them for me but obviously I’ll still eat it.)



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