Life is still life, even while abroad.

From the outside, studying abroad seems very magical. Traveling to different countries every weekend, barely going to school, eating all the food you want, and not a single struggle in the world. I know because that’s how I always saw it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m having the greatest experience of my life here. I’ve honestly never been happier. But life is still life. Things happen. Your card will probably stop working and you have to figure out how to get into contact with your bank. You will have bad days where it seems like everything that can go wrong, will, and sometimes you will want to cry. You will run out of money, at least for a weekend. You will stay up all night studying for midterms because you didn’t have the motivation to keep up with school for the first month and a half, and half way through your semester, you will start feeling homesick. These are all things that happen to me when I’m at school in San Diego, and it happens here too. Because life is still life, even while in Rome.

I am so happy here even if it has been stressful balancing my parents coming to visit, going to Sicily and missing some school, traveling, midterms, and taking advantage of the incredible city I’m living in. It’s important to remember that studying abroad is not all glitter and gold. We still have school, and responsibilities. We still have to do our laundry, and buy groceries, and keep up with every crazy plan we’ve made. And it’ll all work out because it always does.


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