Falling in Love with Venice

They say that when you meet the person you’re meant to be with, you know. 

I feel like every city I’ve stepped into, I’ve fallen in love with. First, it was Rome. Then it was Positano. Then it was Munich, then Amsterdam. But now I know. I have fallen in love with the magical city of Venice. Why, you may ask?

  • I love being around water. And I can’t really avoid that even if I tried.
  • Gorgeous and detailed Venetian masks cover the city. I’d throw a masquerade every weekend.
  • Gondolas and attractive gondoliers. Enough said.
  • Piazza San Marco. Well, just because.
  • Boats, boats, boats.
  • And enough romantic vibes to make even the least admirable person, fall in love.


Granted, I am not in love with any human being at the moment but Venice will have to do for now. I honestly did not know what to expect. I’ve always heard about Venezia’s beauty, but it was more than I could have ever imagined. A day and a half just wasn’t enough for me. We got lost about 45 times in the tiny alleyways and dead ends. We rode a gondola and the 30 minute ride felt like 30 seconds. And we visited an island (Burano) that was more colorful than anything I’ve ever seen. Nothing has instantly made me so happy to be alive.

Burano, Venice; known for its lace.

I keep saying I will be back to every city I’ve visited. And I hope I get the chance to. But Venice, I know I will be back.


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