What A Girl Wants

It’s been such a hectic week that I haven’t been able to post about my awesome trip to England last weekend! I instantly loved England. First of all, it was a relief to be in an English speaking country. When I arrived in Birmingham, I was on my own for most of the day so getting around and exploring was much easier knowing the language. Secondly, I found everyone I spoke to to be incredibly charming and sweet. It was awesome to see my friend from San Diego as well; seeing familiar faces in an unfamiliar place is a great feeling. Though it was a chilly night, we went out to eat and grabbed a beer at a British pub (eeep!) and went to bed for an early morning to London.

London has always been at the top of my list of places to see. Whether it’s my obsession with the Beatles, or the accent, or the fascination with double decker busses, I had to go. Arriving in London, I felt like Amanda Bynes in What A Girl Wants, one of my favorite movies. She was in awe of everything around her, and so was I. Our first stop was Buckingham Palace, where I felt, for lack of a better word- royal. It was gorgeous. And then it was full on tourist mode for the rest of the day. We hit the Big Ben, a photoshoot at a telephone booth, the London Eye, navigated the tube to Abbey Road Studios, to King’s Cross Station, and Platform 9 3/4, so I could take off to Hogwarts (but actually just back to the airport).

Buckingham Palace!

A very special moment for me was going to Abbey Road Studios and walking across the iconic street that The Beatles walked across in 1969. My dad raised me on The Beatles’ music, and I have always dreamed of walking on the same spot that those 4 lads made so famous. It was a surreal moment.


But even with all of that, what was my favorite part of the day you ask? Chipotle. IMG_4564

No, it is not a tourist attraction (though it might as well be with all the Americans in there), but with my struggle of getting sick of Italian food, the best lunch I could have ever asked for was my chicken burrito, chips, and guac. It was majestic (and yes, I will be making a stop at the Chipotle in Paris as well).

I spent the most lovely day in London, and I can not wait to make my way back to England some day. I’d love to explore Liverpool and Manchester, and enjoy the lovely city without being so rushed. Guess I’ll just have to go back to see Ben!



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