To the world.

It’s okay to pray for Paris.

It’s okay to pray for Baghdad.

It’s okay to pray for Beirut.

In the last 48 hours, I feel like I’ve seen more arguing, passive aggressiveness, and overall poor attitudes during a time of sadness and mourning than I would have ever expected. It saddens me that the tragedies of this weekend have become an excuse for Facebook statuses to turn into arguments about political agendas and an overall lack of support. The events in the last 48 hours scare most of us. Whether you show it or not. Whether you think there should be retaliation or not. We are the world, and the world is under attack. Whatever religion you are, wherever you are from, what ever you may identify yourself as, I hope you can put aside political opinions and aggressiveness towards the media, and put that energy towards sending hope, love, and positive thoughts to our friends and allies under attack around the world.

I am studying abroad in Europe. Just like Nohemi Gonzalez, the CSU Long Beach student studying abroad in Paris, who was killed over the weekend. No mother should have to worry about their daughter studying abroad being caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. I shouldn’t have to receive a phone call from my mother crying because I’m studying abroad in Rome, a city that has been threatened in the past.

I pray that world leaders can decide on the best possible option to respond to these tragic events. I pray for the families of the victims in Paris, Baghdad, and Beirut. I pray for the safety of all people, in all countries who are threatened.


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