When fear interrupts reality.

The last few weeks has left most of Europe with an eerie feeling. Rome has been on high alert, and thousands of soldiers have been deployed to monitor the city. This has left many people in Rome feeling afraid of their surroundings. A large number of American study abroad students have left Rome early, cutting their semester abroad short, due to the threats.

It’s understandable. It’s scary to be living somewhere that seems to be the threat of a major terrorist attack. But can we really live afraid? If we are so fearful that we cannot even calmly live our lives and our experiences, aren’t we giving them what they want? They want us to be afraid. They want us to be weak. And we are not.

I urge everyone who is afraid to realize that this is unfortunately our world. A friend of mine told me that her professor spoke on this topic in their class. He said, “Go out to dinner, go to a concert, go to a theater, go to the Vatican. Just go. I told me kids to.” We can’t stop being humans and active citizens in our community because of something that might happen. We can’t put our social lives on hold and turn down dinner plans and going out because we’re afraid of being around a crowd. We can’t be fearful.

If there’s one thing studying abroad has brought out of me, it is my fearlessness. I’ll get in a plane to somewhere unknown in a heartbeat. If I don’t know the language, oh well. If they food scares me, I’ll eat it anyway. I doubt I’ll ever have another opportunity to say I live in Rome. I refuse to let them win. I am not afraid. Put your fears aside. Live life happily. We can’t write out the future and what will for sure happen or not, but we can continue to live our lives in a positive way and encourage others to do the same. There is no reason not to. 



4 thoughts on “When fear interrupts reality.

  1. I’ll be studying abroad in Australia and Italy during the first half of 2016. With all thats been going on lately it does put me on edge, but I agree, as soon as we stop living our lives and start living in fear, the terrorists have won.

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    1. I can guarantee that you will have the absolute time of your life. All we can do in the face of what is going on is be aware of our surroundings. You are about to have the opportunity to create endless memories and living in fear will do nothing but take away from that. Have the time of your life!

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  2. Fantastic article! I’m from Malta (we’re right under Sicily) and you can feel the fear every time there’s a breaking news, or we hear planes flying too low for comfort. Enjoy your experience in Italy to the full! I’m glad you’re not letting the terrorists win 🙂

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