Back to reality.

Well, 16 hours on a plane later, and I’m finally back home. Waking up this morning in my bed at home, with my parents down the hall, was truly a treat after 4 months away. It’s always special to come home after being gone for months, but the distance while being abroad was a toll I’ve never felt before, and to be back now for the holidays is monumentally special.

I’m taking the Sunday to unpack and relax, catch up on some Keeping Up with the Kardashians, watch some football, and eat some avocados. It’s gonna be a really cool adjustment back to life in America, and I can’t wait to see everyone I’ve missed so dearly.

It feels like the last 4 months was just a fairytale, and now I’m stepping back into reality.Β Can’t complain, though. I can’t wait to spend Christmas time with the family, and getting back to posting things on here besides pictures of Europe… which I now realize will make my life seem 10 times less interesting. Yet, I’m on top of the world. Welcome home to me.


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