Rekindling with home.

Being away from home for an extended period of time can make you feel very detached from everyone you may associate your home with. It happens when I’m away at school in San Diego, and you can imagine it happened a lot while I was abroad for a semester. As we all get older, we all seem to go in separate directions. Everyone has new friends, new jobs, new priorities, and new responsibilities. Winter break used to be the chance for everyone to get together and waste hours doing anything, and now it’s a challenge to find time with someone to do one thing. No, I’m really not that special that people should be making time out for me, but it’s hard to come back home only to find out that all the people you’ve associated with it have grown, or moved, or made their own lives separate to the one you may have all had together in high school. I guess we’re all growing up.

Last week, my best friend of 16 years came to my house. Since we’ve both moved out of the city for college, our time back in San Francisco has always been spare, and we tend to have trouble keeping up with the innovation happening in our city. She said to me, “wow, your house seems to be the only thing in San Francisco that is still the same.” The place where we called home is changing so fast around us that’s it hard to keep up. Rekindling with home is harder than one could imagine when you’re away for so long.

On the other hand, I’ve had the chance to spend so much time with my family over this holiday season. For the first time, I was able to get more joy out of seeing everyone else open their gifts, instead of the reaction that I would have opening mine. My family is my rock, and when everything around me seems to be changing, I’m confident that some things, will stay the same. 



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