Hello, 2016

Well, it’s a new year. Cue the cliche “new year, new me’ statuses.

I welcome 2016 with open arms. 2015 was a confusing year for me. I felt heartbreak, I felt confusion, I felt both success and failure, and I found out what it’s like to embrace adventure and find passion. 2015 taught me that working out and eating healthy will improve all aspects of your life. It taught me that you can fail, and it’s okay. It taught me that I can’t take 14 tequila shots in one night. But it taught me that I do, in fact, love tequila. It taught me that I love to travel. It taught me that it’s more important to have a tiny group of true friends surrounding you than a large group of social “whatevers”. 2015 taught me focus is the key to what you want. It taught me to believe in something -anything- if it makes you stronger. It taught me to not be afraid of the world. 2015 was the year I no longer was a teenager. It was the year that I decided to grow up. Now, I will dedicate my life to doing that.

My old friends have a tradition where each new year has a goal, or theme. 2016, for her, is the year of growth. This is incredibly important to me after the 2015 I experienced. I felt emotions I didn’t know how to handle. I cried a lot, I threw my body into limbo just by letting stress take over, I felt indescribable fear. But all of those things, for me, have set the foundation for the growth that comes along with life. The gap between child and adult, high school and college, minor and legal, unaware and conscious of your surroundings; that gap can’t be covered in a day, or in one moment. All the moments that make up your life shape where you go, and who you become.

This is why I welcome 2016 with open arms. I’m back in San Diego with a fresh start. New house, new roommates, new state of mind. I’m excited to gain back the progress I lost with my health. I’m excited to delve deep into my journalism courses. I’m excited for all the brunch. I’m excited for all the adventures I will encounter. I’m excited to meet new people, create new memories, learn new lessons, and grow into a better person. I wish you all the greatest and the best for the upcoming year. A fresh slate. Create YOU.

happy2016, lovers.


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