Well, well, well. Where have I been?

The first week and a half of school has been so hectic, I’ve lost track of myself in the meanwhile. So here’s a little update as to what’s going on with me and where I’ve been.

Stay Stroovy, my friends. Stroovy- an app that I am working with, which will help the world of online dating steer clear of catfishes and creepers, will be launching soon! It has been an awesome and fun opportunity to help promote the app as a campus ambassador! I will be posting more info about the app soon! The opportunity has led me to meeting some awesome people, including some important folk who are supportive in helping me achieve my goals. Things are lookin mighty fine.

#OOTD is back. I’m kinda bummed I stopped consistently posting my #ootd and #ootn. It was just a super fun thing to keep me posting, even though I’m far from a fashionista. Here are some looks since I’ve been back in town.



Who says Friday classes have to be boring? Thank you, Topshop jeans and UO flannels, for getting me through my day.


So I wasn’t actually going out, but new Steve Madden and Topshop gear always deserve a dress up session.


Class, class, class.


Aeterna. Yes, my people. I got another tattoo. It was something I’ve wanted to get since I was in Rome, yet the decision to get it over the weekend was a bit spontaneous. Aeterna means “eternal” in latin. It’s an homage to the most life changing experience I had in the eternal city; a reminder of my adventures and the lessons I learned over the course of the 4 months I spent there. It’s also a way for me to remember that the world is mine, and I’m eternally grateful. And no, it didn’t hurt one bit.





Sunglasses. Special shout out to Marina for leading me to SunglassSpot. This website has hundreds of fun styles for only $5!! Yes, 5 DOLLARS! If you’re looking for new shades for a deal, this place is for you! Check it out: http://sunglassspot.com/


My new $5 shades.

Life’s been pretty crazy, but wild is fun. Be free, be sassy, buy some new sunglasses, and get stroovy, lovers.




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