A Letter to My 21 Year Old Best Friend

Happy golden birthday, babe. It seems like the last few years have seemingly prepared us for this (drinking beers around the fire in Montana comes to mind), yet it baffles me that you’re 21. And doing it without me? How dare you.

16 years of friendship, memories, laughs, and sometimes tears. So on this day, it breaks my heart I can’t be with you on yourΒ birthday. I always pictured this day being a little different.. something along the lines of me watching as you rip shot after shot until you can no longer stand.

For the record, I still fully expect you to do that.

Years ago, it seemed nearly impossible that we could survive without being together almost everyday. When we went to different high schools, I felt like a part of me was being relocated much too far away. And when we split off for college, I was terrified. But I think the greatest characteristic of our friendship is that we can go weeks or even months without talking, and it doesn’t tear us apart. Every time we’re reunited, it’s like we never left each other’s side. I think we have a special trust in each other that the other is doing just fine.

As we get older, it dawns on me just how opposite we are. I think anyone that knows us well- our parents or our friends from home- knows that to be true. Whether it’s personal style, or our preference in art, or our hobbies, I’m not too sure if someone would put us together as being best friends for almost 20 years. And yet, every time I run into someone from Sts. Peter & Paul or someone who knows us from years ago, they always ask how you’re doing. They know we stuck together, because we always did.

I love you to the moon and back, and I hope this day is one you remember (or can’t)!

You’re always in my heart, Darbs. Even though you left me for Idaho and Alabama. COME BACK TO ME, you glorious soul.

xoxo Kassandra



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