Make Way For The Graduate

MAKE IT STOP! Graduation is still 3 weeks away, but getting these photos back is making it all too real! Check out some of my favorites!

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Instagram hack: UNUM

We’ve all been there. You have the perfect photo to add to your Instagram feed, you go to edit your filters and brightness and contrast… and then you stop and ask yourself, “Well shit. How’s this going to look on my profile?!”

The principle of an Instagram aesthetic is just as absurd as Instagram probably sounded the day it was pitched to early investors. Yet, with the dependency many of us have on our social media profiles and our online persona today, the way your photos look and flow on your profile does matter. If you’re going for this cohesive look, your content should be pretty consistent (this is more relevant if you’re a travel blogger or foodie, for example) and you should always use the same filter (even if you mess with the brightness and contrast, the same filter will give your Instagram an overall “clear coat” that will give your profile a cohesive and deliberately clean look.

So you’re on the right track. But you’re there and editing a photo trying to picture how it’s going to look next to your last post. What was once a trigger for a social media panic attack, is no more. Welcome to UNUM. 

UNUM is a free app that connects to your Instagram account (or multiple accounts – which is great if you’re running Instagram profiles for your clients), loads your content, and leaves open spaces to upload as many pictures as you want to look at how your feed will look before you post! Hide, delete, drag, and drop. This allows you to outline your Instagram profile before it goes live to make sure you’ve got the look you want.



Here’s an example of how the app looks once you’re connected to your Instagram account (shameless plug: follow @kassferrante on IG!). The plus sign, as seen in the left photo, allows you to add as many pictures as you’d like from your camera roll into the feed. Once you’ve got a layout, the squiggly line shows you how your profile might look when you have a few more posts added and your current posts get shifted down, and the eye icon allows you to “hide” photos already posted to see if your profile would do better without.

UNUM has been a life saver when scheduling out content for my social media clients and for myself! For your brand’s (this includes your personal branding) presence to be successful, it is imperative that your look is cohesive. Now go get your insta on.

Back from the dead.


Cappuccinos & Curls has been silenced for far too long.

Okay Kassandra, enough with the excuses. Where have you been?

Months of internships, work, job applications, subsequent (and failed) job interviews, summing up to 16 hour days, I finally have a chance (a small one) to breathe. I’m in my last few weeks of the semester, wrapping up projects and final papers. I finished my 5 month internship at a digital media agency, which was exactly what I needed to not only confirm what I want to do with my life, but gave me the platform for experience to do so. I’m currently still interning as a Social Media Manager for REVOLT Wine Co. out of San Diego, creating a social media plan, content calendar, and music blog for the new company. I’m still working, and trying to gym, and trying to balance a personal life that far too often feels like is crumbling to the ground. But I’m graduating college in 31 days – so who gives a damn?

And what about your rants?! (Did you hear about Tomi Lahren getting fired?!)

Oh, you bet I did. Trust me, I had a LOT to say on that. We may revisit that topic soon… As far as my rants: Seeing our political climate disintegrate into a spiral of fake news and Hitler-comparisons, I think I’ve subsequently felt turned off from speaking my peace on the interwebs (besides the occasional all caps tweet). Besides pop culture, trends, food, and travel, we all know I love to rant about politics. I’ve taken the last few months since the election to take in as much information as possible, turning to my peers (those I both agree and disagree with) to reflect on my views and where I stand. There will be rants coming, so stay tuned. (In the meantime, I highly recommend a few podcasts produced by Crooked Media – Pod Save the World, Pod Save America, and Lovett or Leave It. These will give much needed insight into political news and will explain events in a context that non-government personnel can understand.)

So… what’s your plan now?

As I’m running circles in my head trying to decide where my place in the world is, the finish line seems nowhere near. That’s okay with me – for now. I will soon be receiving my college diploma, I have interviews lined up for full time jobs (oh GOD.), and I have travels planned that will further introduce me to more regions of this beautiful world (in two months time, I’ll be returning from a trip to Thailand with my best friends. How lucky am I?). I’m debating between grinding to find a job and start a professional life, or take a few months and keep working at the restaurant, having some fun before I turn to the real world. Regardless of the path I take, I’m excited to take one. The world is my motherfucking oyster. And I’m here to shuck it. (Okay, SUPER bad joke).

I hope that with more time to focus on me in the coming months, I can put more time into Cappuccinos & Curls. As not only an outlet for me to express some strong opinions and pretty pictures, but as a place to share content that I find relevant for all of you busy bees.

Let’s get this party started, once and for all.