Instagram hack: UNUM

We’ve all been there. You have the perfect photo to add to your Instagram feed, you go to edit your filters and brightness and contrast… and then you stop and ask yourself, “Well shit. How’s this going to look on my profile?!”

The principle of an Instagram aesthetic is just as absurd as Instagram probably sounded the day it was pitched to early investors. Yet, with the dependency many of us have on our social media profiles and our online persona today, the way your photos look and flow on your profile does matter. If you’re going for this cohesive look, your content should be pretty consistent (this is more relevant if you’re a travel blogger or foodie, for example) and you should always use the same filter (even if you mess with the brightness and contrast, the same filter will give your Instagram an overall “clear coat” that will give your profile a cohesive and deliberately clean look.

So you’re on the right track. But you’re there and editing a photo trying to picture how it’s going to look next to your last post. What was once a trigger for a social media panic attack, is no more. Welcome to UNUM. 

UNUM is a free app that connects to your Instagram account (or multiple accounts – which is great if you’re running Instagram profiles for your clients), loads your content, and leaves open spaces to upload as many pictures as you want to look at how your feed will look before you post! Hide, delete, drag, and drop. This allows you to outline your Instagram profile before it goes live to make sure you’ve got the look you want.



Here’s an example of how the app looks once you’re connected to your Instagram account (shameless plug: follow @kassferrante on IG!). The plus sign, as seen in the left photo, allows you to add as many pictures as you’d like from your camera roll into the feed. Once you’ve got a layout, the squiggly line shows you how your profile might look when you have a few more posts added and your current posts get shifted down, and the eye icon allows you to “hide” photos already posted to see if your profile would do better without.

UNUM has been a life saver when scheduling out content for my social media clients and for myself! For your brand’s (this includes your personal branding) presence to be successful, it is imperative that your look is cohesive. Now go get your insta on.


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